Thursday, April 26, 2018

the new evangelization in Brazil

Fr. Hélcio Vicente Testa, a Redemptorist priest, in the parish of São Geraldo Majella (archdiocese of Sorocaba, in Sao Paulo, Brazil) made a complete mockery out of Benediction during the Easter vigil.

‘the flying nun’ needs to move 
over for the ‘flying drone monstrance’


  1. The new evangelization is a smoke screen as they sell off the property as fast as they can. In Philadelphia, St Augustine's is being demolished this week, church, rectory and school so developers can build row houses--what Catholic immigrants scraped and saved to build demolished to make sodomites chaput and co. rich.

    "It also served as a backdrop for the most stunning revelation in the trial's first month: Allegations from two witnesses and a prosecutor that a sitting prelate, Bishop Michael Bransfield of West Virginia, may have known about sexual misconduct by Gana or abused minors himself.

    "Bransfield, a Philadelphia native who heads the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston,...One man told jurors that he was 13 when Gana began abusing him. After assaulting him in the Our Lady of Calvary rectory, he said, Gana would call Bransfield, a friend and former seminary classmate who had risen to a high-profile post as rector of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington.

    "They would be talking, and Stanley Gana would have me get on the phone and talk to Father Bransfield," said the man, now 45. "Father Bransfield would jokingly say, 'I'm going to have Stanley put you on the train to come down and see me sometime.' "

    The second accuser, 48, testified that Gana once assaulted him at Bransfield's house in Brigantine, N.J. And he recalled being outside Gana's farmhouse when he said Bransfield stopped by with a car full of teens. He said Gana later told him: "They're his fair-haired boys. The one in the front seat he is having sex with."

    Bransfield, whose nephew, the Rev. Sean Bransfield, is a canon lawyer and vice chancellor for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia,

    “We are not Our Lady of Mount Carmel resurrected,” St. John the Baptist pastor David Ousley had pointed out. “We were able to save (the building) as a Catholic church. If we had not come here it would have gone on the market at some point, probably to a developer.”

    Our Mother of Sorrows Church, Bridgeport, undergoes demolition

    188:48 "The Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh counts 632,138 people as members of its fold, though less than a quarter of those congregants attend Mass weekly. Half of the diocese’s 188 parishes are running operating deficits. And the diocese anticipates the number of active diocesan priests to drop 50 percent within seven years, to 112...In 2007, Zubik’s inaugural address as bishop put forth a vision for the future that would eventually inform a strategic planning process to restructure and reinvigorate the region’s Roman Catholic churches. It was dubbed “On Mission for the Church Alive!” In September 2017, the diocese’s On Mission Commission announced initial recommendations for whittling the number of parishes down to 48."

    Bishop Cistone has a history of covering up sex abuse. When he was a chancery official in Philadelphia, a 2005 grand jury report claims he silenced a nun who tried to report priestly abuse, helped ensure that a known sex abuser be made Cdl. Anthony Bevilacqua's speechwriter, and agreed to keep multiple sex-abusing priests at their parish assignments, including one known for sadistic behavior, including whipping and pricking boys with pins until they bled.

  2. Sacrilegious to the nth degree, yet all those people cheered, applauded and thought it was great - even the priest. What an outrage. Only hope it wasn't a validly consecrated host.

  3. I doubt very much the host in question was valid. No priest with the proper intention to consecrated would then do such a sacrilegious thing. I feel so very sorry for the poor people there.