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the new evangelization in America

Father Masseo Gonzales & El Padrecito Ministries bring their hip-hop message to peripheries of the Novus Ordo

showing the bishop the fruits of his labors

Are they glorying God?

We wonder why the pews are empty?

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Francis, “The Holy Spirit is a disaster... the author of diversity... [and] the Creator of unity.”

The ‘humble’ Francis pontificates from his dais.

“I had thought of making a speech, well-written, good… But then it came to me to speak off-the-cuff, to say things suited to this moment. 
The key to what I will say is what the Cardinal [Prefect of the Congregation] asked for: authentic criteria to guide us. Because truly, today many things happen and, so as not to lose ourselves in this world, in the fog of worldliness, of provocations, of the spirit of war, many things, we need authentic criteria that guide us. That guide us in discernment. 
Then, there is something else: this Holy Spirit is a disaster [laughter] because He never tires of being creative! Now, with the new forms of consecrated life, He is truly creative, with the charisms… It is interesting: He is the Author of diversity but at the same time the Creator of unity. ”

Pope Francis: Consecrated Need Authentic Guide, Zenit, (4 May 2018).

the strange wakes of Opus Dei

Recently, we received a question asking us why we refer to Opus Dei (formally known as The Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei) as Opus Judei.  There are several reasons for this, the strongest being that many of the teachings of José María Escriba resemble Talmudic Judaism if not are borrowed from it. Below is one example of borrowing from Talmudic Judaism. The wakes of the founder of Opus Judei, José María Escriba, his successor, Álvaro del Portillo, and his successor, Javier Echevarría, are bizarre. Have you ever seen a Catholic laid out on a carpet on the floor?

(click images to enlarge)

José María Escriba reclining on a carpet for his viewing.

Another view of José María Escriba laid out.

John Paul II came to Álvaro del Portillo’s wake which was carried out in the same manner.

Video of John Paul II visiting Álvaro del Portillo’s body

You guessed it, Javier Echevarría lays on the floor for his wake too!

Excerpt from Rabbinical Seminary textbook — Jewish rules of mourning — endorsed by chief rabbi of Rome, Riccardo Di Segni.

Seminario D. Almagia, Carcucci Editore, Roma (1980), p. 17

The uses concerning the care of the dead are marked with extreme simplicity. (M.C. p. 355) About 20 minutes after death, the body is stripped, covered with a white sheet and then [put] lying on the floor.” 
[English translation is CMJ’s], Jewish rules of mourning: notes of a course from the Seminary D. Almagia, p. 17.

Talmudic Jews reciting Kaddish over a dead body.


Isn’t it?

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The Pope Video — Season 3 Episode 5

Spiritual hugs for everybody and everything!

Members of Israeli Intelligence’s elite Unit 8200 sing in Farsi at their graduation

IDF soldiers singing ‘Sultane Qalbam’ at graduation ceremony

English translation of lyrics to ‘Sultane Qalbam’

Ruler of my Heart 
One heart says go go
One heart says stay stay
My heart is resless without you
what would I do without you

Before my beautiful love
the world is too small
your memories are with me everywhere
I will never leave you

The sad state of my heart
you do not know
without you no love or moon shines
on my black night

You are the ruler of my heart
the doors to my heart you have broken
you promised to be my love
I am still waiting

Of a petal I shall make paper
and write on it a letter
you are leaving my confidant before lover
O my new love

After hello my love
first I love you so
second I am awaiting signs of you
in every desert and field

You are the ruler of my heart
the doors to my heart you have broken
you promised to be my love
I am still waiting

Ahmad Zahir - Sultan e Qalbam (English translation), Lyrics Translate, (5 February 2011).

Who rules their heart?  

You can bet, that it isn’t Iran.

Iranian-born immigrants to Israel are drafted to its military intelligence units in disproportionately large numbers, an official report said on Thursday. This fact reflects the military's high demand for Farsi speakers to monitor the Jewish state's arch-enemy. 
A story in the official Israeli military journal Bamahane included rare personnel data showing that one in five Jewish immigrants from Iran serve in intelligence units due to their native Farsi. 
"Bringing Iranian natives with a command of Farsi into the intelligence corps is a priority," the organizer, Adi Bublil, said. "They have an advantage, as Farsi is not a common language among young men and women in Israel." 
Israel's military intelligence corps is well-funded and staffed. Its Unit 8200 specializes in electronic eavesdropping and is often likened to the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) or Britain's Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ). 
Last September, Israel's top-rated Channel Two TV aired footage of military intelligence soldiers in a Farsi class. 
According to that report, Iranian-born troops were included in the language program, which lasts seven months and twins comprehension of technical terms with Farsi songs and Persian folklore designed to improve eavesdroppers' colloquial skills. 
"We need to know everything (about Iran), from combat doctrines to weaponry to operational routines to slangs and codes," said the training academy's commander, a lieutenant-colonel whose name was withheld under secrecy regulations. 

Israeli Military Fills Up Intel Units With Iranian Immigrants, Report Reveals, Haaretz, (9 January 2014).

Graduates of Unit 8200, the IDF's technological spearhead.

Patriarch Elijah of the Ukrainian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church excommunicates Francis

These past two and a half months, the video below of “Patriarch Elijah of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate” declaring the excommunication of “pseudo Pope Francis” has been making the rounds.  It is a sad commentary that Catholics are promoting this fraud as an upholder of the Catholic faith and the Orthodox religion.

Patriarch (of nothing) Elijah excommunicates Francis! 

That’s great is it not?

Eastern Catholics recognizing the fact that Francis isn’t acting in a Catholic manner.  Hold on moment, let’s look at who Patriarch Elijah is and what the Ukrainian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church stands for.  The Ukrainian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church, according to their website, is a new church, founded in 2009.

Now let’s examine what they did in their first year of existence.  They wasted no time in excommunicating 197 members of the Pontifical Gregorian University, 14 members of the Pontifical Biblical Institute, and 54 members of the Pontifical Oriental Institute.

They were just getting warmed up for they next declared an anathema against the 2271 active bishops of the Catholic Church and 989 bishops emeriti.  All this and their Ukrainian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church hasn’t even celebrated its one year anniversary!

Now let’s look at ‘Patriarch Elijah’.

‘Patriarch Elijah’ was born Anthony Elias Dohnal in 1946.  He was ordained a priest for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Litoměřice in Czechoslovakia in the early 70’s and was active in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal during the 80’s.  In the 90’s he joined the Greek-Catholic Order of Saint Basil the Great and later formed an “experimental community” contemplative branch Order of Saint Basil the Great which was soon was suppressed.  In the early 2000’s the group to which Dohnal belonged split from the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church which they accused of numerous heresies, syncretism, and occultism.  The group was soon excommunicated by the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church but appealed the excommunications to Rome.  By 2008, the Vatican’s Apostolic Signatura issued a ruling which stated that, “The Apostolic Signatura thereby stresses that the UGCC tribunals...were qualified to consider the respective criminal matters, and the sentences of the great excommunication penalty imposed on them are final.”  Soon thereafter, in 2009, Elijah Anthony Dohnal was consecrated a bishop and in 2011 was elected head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church.  Patriarch Elijah has proceeded to excommunicate (as demonstrated above) what seems like the entire world except for one person, his beloved hero, Vladimir Putin.  Oh, and there is that sticky matter that Anthony Elias Dohnal is a KGB agent #23064, code name “Tonek” since before the fall of the Berlin Wall.  We could go on but the above should suffice.

— two more of Patriarch Elijah’s theatrical follies —

Tit-for-tat, excommunicating Benedict XVI and posthumously excommunicating John Paul II in 2011

Declares Jan Hus, a precursor of the Protestant Revolt, a saint!


What a circus!