Friday, July 6, 2018

The FSSPX shares the sanctuary with six Novus Ordo presiders

 One needs a playbill to sort out who is who, “assisting at the ceremony.”

“over dozen priests assisted”

source: FSSPX News, Two American Postulants Join the Consoling Sisters of the Sacred Heart in Italy, (27 June 2018)

“6 Diocesan Priests”

source: FSSPX News, 2 Americans Make Professions to Consoling Sisters of Sacred Heart in Italy by Bruce Lengyel, (30 June 2018)

The conciliarization of the SSPX continues...



  1. Archdiocese of Military: Better to Have No Priests than Traditional Ones (6/17/17)

    "In his letter (see above), Archbishop Broglio argues against the Military accepting priests as chaplains who only offer the traditional Mass, also called the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite...

    "In the letter the archbishop compares the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite to the Divine Liturgy of the Eastern Church. He argues that eastern rite priests have to be bi-ritual if they are military chaplains and must offer the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite, suggesting the same holds true for priests offering the traditional Mass...

    "Archbishop Broglio, referencing St. Paul’s admonition to be “all things to all” contends that the “legitimate liturgical expectations of all Catholics” would not be fulfilled if a priest-chaplain was unable to offer the Ordinary Form. Interestingly, the archbishop doesn’t see the irony in the reverse being the case now for those who desire the Extraordinary Form.

    "In his final paragraph Archbishop Broglio provides what he believes to be the solution: those traditional priests of the FSSP, or ICKSP, or even diocesan, who feel called to be military chaplains should petition their superiors for faculties to offer the Ordinary Form of the Mass and sacraments."

    "On June 27 [2018], diocesan priest and retired US Navy chaplain, Fr. Kevin Cusick, announced the following on Twitter:

    BREAKING: For the first time a SSPX priest joins annual @MilArchUSA discernment retreat for prospective active duty military chaplains.1

    Who is Kevin Cusick?

    "TLM training for priests and transitional deacons in Rehoboth Beach UPDATE: A benefactor has come forward to offer help with expenses for men interested in this TLM training. [Was it Uncle Ted McCarrick?] Contact Fr. Cusick to inquire about having your airfare or other travel expenses covered: September 4-8, 2017

    "The gays here looove volleyball. If you’re there for Labor Day Sunday, you have to check out the annual drag volleyball match. There are plenty of cart attendants that stroll the beach hydrating and feeding those jumping, giggling players."

    Rehoboth Beach Delaware; a Very Gay Friendly Resort\

  2. Surely diocesan priests are welcome at SSPX masses? Wouldn't it be better if all priests attended them?

  3. Thank anti-pope Chaos Frank, you made it crystal clear that the SSPX in not TRUE tradition, leaving only the SSPV as TRUE Catholics.

    1. well as CMRI in Spokane; various other Catholic congregations such as the Ave Maria Chapel in Oyster Bay, LI, begun under the Saintly Fr. Gommar De Pauw in the 60's; SGG in Ohio; OLRC in Monroe, Ct.; St. Jude Shrine in Tx, staffed by the amazing Fr. Louis Campbell who is a faithful priest ordained in the pre-V-2 rite of ordination, among so many others. The true Church is growing once more, as it did in the early Apostolic times when the powers of temporal politics tried to destroy it, praise be to the good God!

    2. Bishop Markus Ramolla & Fr.Moylan in Ohio & Kentucky,
      Bishop Trinh in Illinois,
      are keeping the true faith alive.