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Before Malachi Martin was laicized, he relished shaking down conservative cardinals at Vatican II

Ben L. Kaufman writes about Malachi Martin in The Cincinnati Enquirer and his book Jesus Now: How Jesus Has No Past Will Not Come Again and In Loving Action Is Dissolving the Mold of Our Spent Society.  The article-interview has several very interesting items of note.  Among them:

Malachi Martin was nothing like anyone could have expected. From his previous books, I knew he had been a Jesuit priest, archaeologist, rogue and strong-arm man for liberal organizers in the Vatican Council, and somewhat depressed observer of organized religion in the West.

The archeology mentioned above on which Martin worked, was the Dead Sea Scrolls of which, God willing, we will have a post on in the future. Also of note, is that Martin was working for the liberals at the Second Vatican Council. This is before Martin reinvented himself with the shtick of a conservative priest who was always loyal to the Catholic Church.

Martin was finishing his doctorate in Semitic languages at Louvain University in Belgium in the 1950s when he came to the attention of a leader of the liberal caucus in the Roman Catholic Church, Cardinal Bea. His dossier included Martin’s request for lay status, that is, he wanted to leave the active priesthood. Paths kept crossing and the cardinal recruited Father Martin as his aide-de-camp, Martin said, and a new career, about which Martin has really written little began.

Martin’s years at the Louvain relate to his study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and his questioning of Jesus the Christ. These qualities so impressed Cardinal Bea that he hand picked Martin to be his “aide-de-camp”. Yikes! Notice, “Martin’s request for lay status”.  The interview-article continues,

Martin went to Rome with Cardinal Bea, and as the cardinal and Pope John XXIII began rallying forces to push the Vatican Council, Martin was given exciting and seductive chores, he said. Some of his work involved intelligence gathering behind the Iron Curtain and throughout the Middle East, he said, and some of it involved shaking long closeted skeletons in the faces of cardinals who didn't quite want to do what Cardinal Bea and the pope wanted at the Vatican Council. "I saw cardinals sweating in front of me," Martin recalled with mixed emotions. It was heady, having that power, "and I began to enjoy it." A clear understanding of this malicious joy brought Martin to decide to get out of the Vatican power game, he said with a rare, calm and almost serious expression on his lively face, and he called in Cardinal Bea's promise to promote his request for lay status. By that time, Pope John was dead and Pope Paul VI was on the Throne of Peter, and no one really regretted seeing Martin go. You don't play that game without making powerful enemies Martin said, and his effectiveness had ended.  (Bold in original article.)

Here we have from Martin’s own blabbering mouth of him gathering intelligence on cardinals and using it to blackmail them into the desires which Cardinal Bea and John XXIII wanted at the Second Vatican Council. Martin said, “I saw cardinals sweating in front of me, and I began to enjoy it.” Hmm, isn’t it very interesting that the kindly old traditional priest character with salacious stories about the inner workings of the Vatican that Malachi Martin played in his later life never came clean or talked about his days at the Second Vatican Council? The reason for this is simple enough, Martin was a trickster having a joke at Catholics expense. What was Cardinal Bea responsible for at the Second Vatican Council? Bea was the unofficial ambassador from the Vatican who met with rabbis discussing with them what the Talmudic Jews wanted to happen at the Council (Nostra Aetate). He also met with members of the Orthodox Churches inviting them to the Council as observers and discussed with them how the Council would come to adopt their religious beliefs on the eucharist and ecumenicism (Lumen Gentium, Dignitatis humanae, Unitatis redintegratio, Catholic–Orthodox Joint Declaration of 1965). Another interesting omission from the granfatherly-like character Martin played later in his life was that he was blackmailing those opposed to ecumenicism and as we have written previously Malachi Martin was an active participant in destruction of the Catholic Church. Martin then decides to take up Cardinal Bea’s promise and becomes laicized because, “You don't play that game without making powerful enemies... and [my] effectiveness had ended.” Any mention of the multitude of affairs Martin carried on? Nope. Any mention of Martin’s doubt of Catholicism? Nope. Why did he never mention this laicization later in life or the reasons for it? Simply because as we stated before Martin was a trickster having a joke on Catholics with his buddies in the occult lodge.

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source: ‘Jesus Now’ Author Not A Swashbuckler, Ben L. Kaufman, The Cincinnati Enquirer,  22 December 1973

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