Thursday, November 14, 2019

A Torah Lesson on ‘Gender’ & Reincarnation

Talmudic Judaism is the insanity that comes from nullifying the Word of God. Here, a Hasid uses his rabbis' fantasies to justify his mental derangement -- a man dressing as a woman and believing he is a female soul trapped in the body of a man.

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The rabbis explain that Adam was originally an androgynous hermaphrodite made in the image of god.

The six 'genders' of the insanity known as Talmudic Judaism

Talmudic rituals and liturgies for Jews transitioning their 'gender'

Resources, TransTorah

Even more rabbinical insanity in Talmudic halakha

‘Wisdom’ from Chabad-Lubavitch on Isaac from the Old Testament... he was actually a female soul born into a male's body until he prayed to god and god swapped souls - male for female fact Isaac originally had the soul of Eve but it was swapped for the soul of Abel

Every non-Jew female who wishes to convert and become a Talmudic Jew is a male soul trapped in a female body

The 'wisdom' just doesn't stop. This time from Rabbi Yitzchak Luria (aka Isaac Luria) on "Cross-Gender Soul Migration". When it comes to kabbalah craziness is the order of the day.

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