Sunday, July 19, 2020

Sara Cividalli, gave Francis a copy of 'E le acque si calmarono'

 Sara Cividalli handing Francis his copy of E le acque si calmarono.

Francis received yet another book to add to his growing library of Judaica on 3 November 2016. This time it was a book about restoring of Jewish and Talmudic books that had been damaged in their synagogue in the 1966 Arno River flood in Florence, Italy. On hand to present this book to Francis was Sara Cividalli, Florentine councilor of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities. After giving Francis his copy of E le acque si calmarono (And the waters calmed down), the two discussed the meaning of the exhibit of the restored books and the importance of the 50th anniversary of the flood that was to occur the following day. Among the books restored were incunablea (early printed books from 1440 to 1501) and books from the 1500s. One can only imagine all the anti-Catholic literature that was restored, no wonder Francis is smiling in the photos.

The exhibit catalogue book - E le acque si calmarono

 News of the flooded synagogue and books in Italian newspaper.

The books drying out in the synagogue after the flood.

 the exhibit

A few of the restored books.

Video on the restoration of the Talmudic books.

Three photos of the exchange from photovat.


Where the Judaic Imperium becomes the ‘American Dream’

based on the book...


Saturday, July 4, 2020

“LGBT are the cornerstone of [Novus Ordo] church”


Sometimes, pictures say a thousand words...

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In the middle of the CCP Virus (aka Wuhan Flu, Kung Flu, Coronavirus) pandemic, Francis turns the grounds of the Vatican City State into a summer camp for children.

The monstrous sculpture on the stage of the Paul VI Audience Hall is joined by inflatable jumping castles.

 One of the inflatable jumping castles is the sinking RMS Titanic. How apt! 

The themes are “be happy”, “mercy”, and the Beatitudes.

A map of the fun and games.

Let’s review: fun and games, watered down Bogus Ordo catechism, happiness & mercy, Francis’ beatitudes, and sliding down the sinking RMS Titanic in a hall designed in the shape of a snake’s head in front of ‘Jesus’ resurrecting from a nuclear bomb blast; all in the middle of a ragging pandemic.