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Taylor Marshall thanks occultist infiltrator, Charles A. Coulombe, in Acknowledgements of ‘Infiltration’

Taylor Marshall in the Acknowledgements to ‘Infiltration: The Plot to Destroy the Church from Within’ writes, “a special thanks to... Charles A. Coulombe... for reading the manuscript and for [his] advice.” Why would an author writing about this subject have it proofread and seek advice from an occultist?  Let’s give Taylor Marshall the benefit of the doubt — ignorance — for the sake of argument. What does it say about the author who writes a book exposing the “infiltration of the church” by “gnostics” when the same author for some reason doesn’t know the person who he took advice from is an infiltrator?  Coulombe’s involvement with gnostics, tarot card divination, Gnosis Magazine, Fate Magazine, the Hollywood Theosophical Center Besant Lodge, gnostic bishop Stephan A. Hoeller, the occult, and the Feenyite St. Benedict Center, has been known for decades. A hasty check with the SSPX and Taylor Marshall would have discovered the Society fired him from The Angelus magazine in 1994 and removed his name from the book series Puritan’s Progress afterwards due to articles Charles Coulombe wrote for Gnosis Magazine one of which states, “we can know what must happen if the Church is to function properly. She must return to the forms of piety and prayer which served her so well and so long, and once again embrace a sacramental magical view of life; and the process of baptizing Hermeticism, interrupted by the Reformation, must be completed.” Catholic Answers identified him as a Feenyite author in 1995 as did Fidelity in 1994.  Most of this information can be found easily with a search engine. In fact the bulk of this information about Coulombe has been readily available on the internet since the turn of the century. Online forums still have rumblings from the scandals. Did Mr. Marshall do anything beyond a cursory search?

Then again we have to remember this is the same Taylor Marshall who had visions of the Church as a woman whose “breasts were engorged with milk, tons of milk” and further stated “there’s always been some poison in the Church.” And the same Taylor Marshall who told his listeners that “[Jesus] is 888” which is nothing more than gnostic gematria and according to St. Irenæus is, “the highest point of blasphemy”. 

Not a ringing endorsement of Taylor Marshall is it?

Will subsequent editions of Infiltration still have the thank you to Charles Coulombe? 

More importantly, will the book still reflect Charles’ “advice”?


Thankfully, Taylor Marshall has pulled most of his videos with Charles Coulombe.

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Feeneyite Brother Charles Coulombe (aka Br. Charles Columban, MICM)

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Few know that Roy-Charles Coulombe is an unabashed Feeneyite, and even fewer know that he is in fact a Feeneyite brother, and almost no ones seems to know or even care that a theosophist gnostic freemasonic bishop signed the incorporation papers (and still serves as an executive) of the branch of Feeneyism on the West Coast which Charles Coulombe co-founded!

The names “Br. Charles Columban”, “Charles Columban”, and “Brother Roy” show up over the years. Below are items which can easily be found by using simple search engines on the internet.

A few photos Coulombe posted of J. Fred Farrell on facebook, two of which have himself in them. Note that Fred J. Farrell wears a coat and tie even though he is a Feeneyite brother... remind you of someone? In two years from the date these photos were taken, Fred J. Farrell, Roy-Charles A. Coulombe, and Stephan A. Hoeller will sign founding documents of the Saint Benedict Center - West.  

Defenders of Charles Coulombe laughably claim that this was done as a favor because J. Fred Farrell didn’t know anyone who could help him form a nonprofit company. Did J. Fred Farrell (aka Br. Leonard Mary) not know how to look up a lawyer in the Yellow Pages phone book and dial a phone? Did J. Fred Farrell not meet any Catholics after living in California for eight years who could help him form a nonprofit? Did Charles Coulombe (aka Br. Charles Columban) think it a good idea to have a gnostic bishop sign the incorporation papers of a ‘catholic’ non-profit? And why is this same gnostic bishop still serving as secretary (a very important position) of the same non-profit as we type?

J. Fred Farrell and Mary Pomerleau (1985)

Charles, Kirk Mulhearn, J. Fred Farrell

J. Fred Farrell, Mary Pomerleau, mother, Charles (1985)

On the founding document for the Saint Benedict Center - West we see the name Brother Charles Columban, MICM show up. 

1988 Article of Incorporation - Saint Benedict Center - West

“The case of Charles Coulombe represents a good example of this younger, pro-Feeney crowd. Coulombe, a movie critic and columnist for the National Catholic Register, is a Generation-Xer who also runs the "Charlemagne Press" out of Arcadia, California. According to both Br. Bartholomew of the St. Benedict Abbey in Still River, Massachusetts and Br. Andre of the St. Benedict Center in Richmond, New Hampshire, Coulombe's involvement with Feeneyism is extensive. According to Br. Andre, Coulombe is one of three religious brothers of "St. Benedict Center West," (also known as the "St. Joseph House of Studies") the first outpost of Feeneyism on the West Coast. The superior of the community, Br. Leonard Mary, (aka J. Fred Farrell, Jr.), is the publisher and author of the foreword to Desire and Deception, the same pro-Feeney book Gerry Matatics was circulating on his lecture tour. The links here are not coincidental. Both Br. Bartholomew and Br. Andre independently asserted that Coulombe himself is the author of Desire and Deception, and that "Thomas A. Hutchinson" is merely a pen name.”
Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus: Father Feeney Makes a Comeback, Catholic, Fidelity Press, December 1994. (bold is ours)

A pro-Feeney tract written by Coulombe using a pseudonym. Charles Coulombe would deny for fifteen years that he was Thomas Hutchinson until the second edition of the book was published. This is interesting because Coulombe attacks people for hiding behind pseudonyms.

Desire and Deception: Is the Church Necessary? by Thomas A. Hutchinson (1994)

“My debt of gratitude goes back to the Feeneyites...Br. Charles Coulombe in Monrovia, CA (never came under censure, but his superior Br. Leonard Mary was reconciled with Fr. Feeney)”
Saint Benedict Center(in Still River, Massachusetts) - Sean_O_L, Catholic Answers Forum, 3 Dec 1999.  (bold is ours)

“I can never repay the debt I owe to the various Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary – Brother Charles Coulombe and company from “St. Benedict Center West” in California.”
Banned Near Boston: Why You Won't Be Seeing Me at the St. Benedict Center Conference - Gerry Matatics, Biblical Foudations International, 26 July 2006. (bold is ours)

Criswell the Psychic is best know for his work in Ed Wood's Plan Nine from Outer Space and his very own predictions to the general public was not quite absent at his 100 year celebration at the Piano Bar in Hollywood. He used to say," The future is where we will spend the rest of our lives!"

It was a formal affair, very gay but not in a sexual way, but in the 1930's terms. Brother Charles Coulumbe, writer, and creator of this festival of future events coined the phrase that we are forever more known as the Criswelians.

Reverence for a man's motto 'we don't think we know". Happy Birthday to Scot from Dearly Beloved toured, heck out his site at attended with friends Alex and Sue, Dr Stephen Holler the Bishop of the Gnostic church, Ed Canfield, Audio Visual expert and his crew, We had Eddie Canter music loads special guests, and Good Booze I mean we emptied the top shelf and they were out of beer the next day. I was in charge of securing the location and asking Alex to make the yummy Swedish meatball appetizers and vegetable dips. That night, 30 of us in gowns and tuxes wet down the street singing on a pilgrimage to Criswell's old home known as Disgrace land by my peers. There, Brother Roy and his evil twin told real life ghost stories, only they were true! Brother Roy lived there with his family in the 60's! 

LA SCOOP - Tequila Mockingbird, Rock n Roll Hollywood, 30 August 2007 (bold is ours)

Preface: Of Pseudonyms and Small Minds, Desire and Deception: Charles A. Coulombe, 24 September 2009.

Coulombe writes, “Br. Leonard Mary, MICM (J. Fred Farrell, Jr.) was my religious superior”.

Mary F. Craft, The Boston Globe, published from from Apr. 22 to Apr. 23, 2015.

Charles Coulombe was still referring to himself as “Br. Charles Columban” on 20 October 2019 in this entry at an online guestbook for Gary Neal Crouch. Notice he posted his location as “Trumau, Austria”. According to the amazon blurb for recently published book by Charles, he “is currently studying Theology at the International Theological Institute in Trumau, Austria.”

Gary Crouch Neal Guestbook, Roller Funeral Homes, 20 October 2019 (archived)

Snapshot from a defunct twitter account, mentions a Br. Thomas living with Coulombe. According to the Br. Andre, “Coulombe is one of three religious brothers of "St. Benedict Center West," (also known as the "St. Joseph House of Studies") the first outpost of Feeneyism on the West Coast.” If we were to count the late Br. Leonard Mary, that would make three.

source: twitter@SVPhilosophers, 19 July 2020

What’s going on here?

Is he or isn’t he still a brother of a Feeneyite group which he co-founded and presently serves as Chief Executive Officer of?  Why the coat and tie if he is a Feeneyite brother? Why the hiding behind a pseudonym for fifteen years? Why the many monikers? Why is a religious brother organizing and celebrating the 100th birthday of homosexual psychic? Did this person skip basic catechism? Why the tarot card divination in theosophical gnostic lodge?

*** BONUS ***

Guess who helped rehabilitate Charles’ image the first time he was busted (by the SSPX) in the mid-90’s as a Feeneyite occultist?
If you guessed the Saint Benedict Center, Inc. of New Hampshire you are correct!

Speaking of the Saint Benedict Center, Inc. of New Hampshire... is it younger or older than Charles’ Saint Benedict Center - West?

If you guessed that the Saint Benedict Center, Inc. of New Hampshire is younger you are correct as it was incorporated 4 September 2001 whereas the  Saint Benedict Center - West was incorporated 5 August 1988.

And one more item, what’s a papal knight doing speaking/hosting conferences with a Feeneyite group which according to the local diocese isn’t even Catholic?

Is the tail wagging the dog?






Tuesday, April 27, 2021

The Pope Francis Kippa

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Limited offer. First series Kippa given to Pope Francis.

This beautiful Kippa and custom made kippa and Wooden Box was created specifically for Pope Frances and  and given to him.   This is a copy of the letter included with his special gift.

Your Holiness:
With God’s permission, I would be honored to say, as an Orthodox Jew, how proud I am that you are the supreme leader of Christianity here on earth. Ever since you’ve taken this role, I have seen the many reforms and changes taking place. I was so moved when I saw and heard that you chose to not wear the papal red shoes but rather the white and then, the head covering, white as well. As a Jew I am not familiar with the finite details of the Zucchetto or as we call it, Yarmulke but I am sure their roots are the same no matter a Catholic Cleric or Jewish Cleric who dons it. The religious connection to that zucchetto, the message it bears, it is all the same to God. As an artist, I have created this zucchetto just for you, your holiness, as it bears the message from all major religions here on earth, in the hopes of bringing mankind together. As an international holy figure, God’s representative here on earth, I would hope you would accept my small and humble gift and wear it, to further promote change by bringing all of us together, all of God’s children, no matter how they worship Almighty God.
I have made a few silver yarmulkes in the past but this is unique, as it has been created just for you. Each of the four silver panels represents something different, bound by stitching on white leather, for your holiness to wear. There is no one stitch or silver panel that I designed, attached to the white leather, that indicates anything other than unity, they are all incorporated to seem as one, one people, one human kind and Almighty God. I, as an artist feel, that if God sees your holiness wearing this sign of unity, he will have no choice but to realize that his will on earth is being fulfilled and perhaps, just perhaps, he will look upon his children and realize the famine, the sick and lonely, the poor, the genocides, the injustices and the likes, should be eradicated from this planet and I truly hope you might be the vessel to achieve this.
I appreciate the time your holiness has taken to read this note and hopefully accepting my small token gift from a humble artisan and wish you God speed in all your endeavors. May God bless you with health, good cheer and a long life.
Avi Binur, Artist
Los Angeles, California 

source: Limited offer. First series Kippa given to Pope Francis., Zodiac Supermarket, 999 Silver Kippa, (accessed 20 February 2020)