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Why does Charles Coulombe frequent a Theosophical Gnostic Lodge?

...of the same Gnostic bishop who signed
the incorporation documents of
Coulombe’s Feeneyite
St. Benedict Center?

Charles Coulombe over the years can often be found at the Besant Lodge of Hollywood. It is a theosophical gnostic lodge run by Charles’ good friend and cousin, the gnostic bishop Stephan A. Hoeller. Many a time he is found there on Friday nights to participate in tarot card divination or give a talk, both of which are sponsored by the Theosophical Society – Besant Lodge of Hollywood. He also spends his Halloweens partying at the Besant Lodge and has celebrated at least one birthday there.

When Coulombe or anyone else enters the Besant Lodge before they get through the front door, there is a placard to the left which clearly reads, “Hollywood Theosophical Center Besant Lodge”. It is even illuminated by its own light. This can be seen from photos posted online. 

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source: google maps@Krista Schwimmer, Besant Lodge, October 2019.

source: facebook@Michelle Bitting, 5 January 2020

The same entrance placard is visible in the following photos from 2004, 2013, and 2017

Charles Coulombe portrays himself as an erudite Catholic but ignores the Holy Office’s response concerning Theosophy, “Whether the doctrines, which today are called theosophical, can be in harmony with Catholic doctrine; and thus whether it is permitted to join theosophical societies, attend their meetings, and read their books, daily papers, journals, and writings.— Reply: In the negative in all cases.”

source: p. 595, The Doctrines of Theosophy - 2189, Denzinger The Sources Of Catholic Dogma, (1954).

source: p. 319, Acta Apostolicae Sedis, ASS 11 [1919].

The Gnostic Society’s brochure below (see 2020) clearly reads, “Friday Evening Lectures at 8:00 P.M., Co-Sponsored by The Theosophical Society and featuring Dr. Stephan Hoeller” which is in agreement with The Gnostic Society Ecclesia Gnostica + An Open Sacramental Gnostic Church in Hollywood, California’s website that states, “Lectures are sponsored in part by the Theosophical Society – Besant Lodge of Hollywood.” These lectures Coulombe gave and attended sound exactly what the Holy Office forbid Catholics from attending.
There is good reason the Holy Office has ruled on this matter. Below is an excerpt from an LA Weekly cover story on Stephan Hoeller, which he was so proud of that he posted it in its entirety to one of his websites.

The Hollywood Ecclesia Gnostica filled with incense and plainsong as Hoeller entered, wearing his lavender skullcap and preceded by the cross, just as it does now each Sunday morning in its new (and considerably more spacious) digs in Atwater Village. The Mass proceeds as it has for centuries with a Collect (the call to worship), a Lesson, a reading from the Gospel, at first glance distinguished from the ritual of Saint Peter’s Church only by the presence of both male and female clergy. But if you listen well, odd things begin to present themselves to your ears, as if the well-known liturgy were mutating in the heat of the sacrament.

Here, for instance, is the Gnostic take on the prayer known to all Catholics as the Hail Mary (“Hail Mary, full of grace . . .”):

“Hail, Sophia, filled with light, the Christ is with Thee. Blessed art Thou among the Aeons, and blessed is the liberator of Thy light, Jesus. Holy Sophia, Mother of all gods, pray to the light for us, Thy children, now and in the hour of our death. Amen.”

On any given Sunday, such new strains of liturgical DNA emerge from the Mass, with an effect that’s a good, working definition of subversive. Today, four Sundays after Easter 2005, Bishop Hoeller opens the service with a whispered invocation that might almost slip the radar of an inattentive Grand Inquisitor:

“In the name of the unknown Father of the universe, in truth Mother of us all.”

Some 40 congregants have assembled, nearly two-thirds of them female. Bishop Hoeller’s flock has grown, and although the numbers are small, it seems quite reasonable to think they’ve been debited from Cardinal Mahony’s side of the ecclesiastical ledger. It’s also impossible not to wonder how much of this spiritual gender gap might be owed to what Time magazine will sooner or later dub “the Da Vinci Effect.”

The scriptural reading is from the Gnostic Gospel of Saint Philip, and the passage concludes this way:

“God created man and man created god. So it is in the world. Men make gods and they worship their creations. It would be more fitting for the gods to worship men.”

In a brief homily following Holy Communion, Hoeller, seated against the deep, star-sprinkled blue of the chapel’s rear wall, offers his take on this blasphemous bit of scripture, quoting Voltaire’s “God created Man and Man returned the favor,” and arguing, from personal experience, that no greater proof of mankind’s knack for blind worship exists than the events of the “Centum Terribilis,” the 20th century. 

Exile in Godville: Profile of a postmodern heretic, LA Weekly, 19 - 25 May 2005.

If the above isn’t a total inversion and mockery of the Catholic Mass, what is?
A few more photos for the doubters that these rituals take place in the same room which Coulombe celebrated his birthday, read tarot cards, celebrated Halloween with occultists, and gave lectures  sponsored by the Theosophical Society. Notice the stairs, stage with green curtains, and stained glass windows.

Bishop Stephan A. Hoeller and members of his Ecclesia Gnostica during their occult services.

If that isn’t terrible enough, The Liberal Catholic Church co-founded by theosophists J. I. Wedgwood and Charles Webster Leadbeater also hold occult services in the Besant Lodge.


“In it's Theosophical incarnation, Besant Lodge has welcomed lecturers worldwide, including; Aldous Huxley, Gerald Heard and Manly P. Hall. Today the newly renovated Besant Lodge continues all of these rich traditions by hosting unique speakers, artists and events from around the globe.”
Besant Lodge - Story So Far, Besant Lodge Theosophical Society website, (2013).

What an absolutely terrible and diabolical place to frequent.
The Theosophical Society – Besant Lodge of Hollywood also happens to connect to the home of Stephan A. Hoeller.

“The living room is a library stocked with old, hardbound books that reflect a lifelong devotion to Jung and a youthful embrace of Theosophy and Freemasonry. In a room that honors French existentialists, psychedelic pioneers and even the institution of gay marriage”
Exile in Godville: Profile of a postmodern heretic, LA Weekly, 19 - 25 May 2005.

One more time, we ask why would a Catholic set foot in the Hollywood Theosophical Center – Besant Lodge? Celebrating a birthday doesn’t cut the mustard... Neither does attending Halloween parties... Nor giving lectures... And tarot card divination is an absolute no! Which leads us to back to ask why did the theosophist freemasonic gnostic bishop of the Hollywood Theosophical Center Besant Lodge sign the incorporation documents and presently serve as the Secretary of the Feeneyite St. Benedict Center - West (California) that Charles Coulombe co-founded? 

1990 — Charles celebrating his 30th birthday at the (Annie) Besant Lodge.

source: facebook@Charles A. Coulombe, 8 November 1990

2016 — Halloween party at the Besant Lodge

2017 — The Gnostic Society brochure reads, “Our good friend R. Charles Coulombe’s book on the Grail, "The Catholic Quest for the Holy Grail" is about to be published; watch for book signing event.”

source: facebook@The Gnostic Society of Los Angeles, 31 October 2017

2017 — Friday night lecture ‘Archetypal Symbolism of Wolves and Humans - December 15, 2017’

*It is interesting that this video has been removed from youtube in the last year since the videos of tarot card divination by Coulombe and Hoeller appeared.
2019 — Photo of Charles Coulombe from 11 January 2019 from Friday night tarot card reading

source: facebook@Gnostic Pneumatherapy - Registered Trademark, 25 January 2019

source: twitter@GPT0000, 
25 January 2019

2018The Gnostic Society website reads, “The Kingdom of Faerie:  Folklore, history and religion regarding Fairies, Elves and Goblins.  Dr. Hoeller and noted researcher R.C. Coulombe will conduct a dialogue.”
source: 2018 Lecture Schedule, The Gnostic Society
2018 — Monarchists and Occultists give Charles a going away party, “I shall so miss him at the annual Halloween party at Besant Lodge. Big sigh.”

source: facebook@Laura Crockett, 18 August 2018

2020 — The Gnostic Society brochure reads, “ANNUAL TAROT FORECAST FOR THE U.S.A.: Celtic Cross reading with guest expert R. Chalres Coulombe collaborating with Dr. Hoeller.”

source: facebook@Michelle Bitting, 5 January 2020

2020 — Photos and “This years's USA Annual Tarot reading...” mentions, “Stephan Hoeller and R. Charles Coulombe — at Besant Lodge.”

source: facebook@TelepathicStargirl, 10 January 2020

Who are these two laughing at in the theosophist lodge?


  1. I’ve known Charles Coulombe for years and had no idea he was involved in anything like this nonsense. Very sad, indeed.

  2. It transcends this individual. It is a huge movement of infiltration with deep roots in “traditional” Catholicism that began 500 years ago, as I document in my book, “The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome."

  3. Earlier in the year, after this blog came out, Charles made a public apology for his previous Tarot card reading, his explanation was: he does not believe in them, they cannot predict the future or give you any direction in life. Why did he demonstrate the cards?..... he found the meaning in the cards amusing,.vis-a-vis how they portray typical human traits and personalities interesting... in general. He certainly never wanted to create a scandal....he apologized ad nauseum.....On the other hand, I have never met another person like Charles Coulombe, he is a very interesting educated Catholic fellow who would die for the Church, given the opportunity, one of my best friends. This blogger forgot to disclose that Charles has essentially given his life for the Church, abstaining from marriage....writing dozens of articles and books on the Faith...., he is a knight of I think five or six orders including the Knights of Columbus, the Knights of Peter Clavier, the Knights of St. Michael....are the orders I'm aware of, He was the past President of the Newman Club of Los Angeles and is still a Brother along with Brother Thomas Acquinas at the Benedict Center in Duarte, unlike the Modernists, he has never hid or denied the Dogma that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. By the way, the spirit of that article seemed rather harsh and know, the Devil always likes to accuse/divide. I found it amusing that I was in the 30th birthday party picture (my back is to the camera) not sure if it was actually held at that Lodge, can barely remember that night, but I'm no Occultist!. When criticizing others we have to look at the whole life of a person and take into account everything that person has contributed, not just look at one small blemish or mistake: believe me, I'm a master of making stupid mistakes much worse then giving a lecture at the Gnostic Society....