Wednesday, February 22, 2023

The Kotel is a retaining wall

Jacquot Grunewald is a French rabbi who has held various rabbinical positions in Algeria, in France and since 1985 in Israel. He is noted for translating 8 volumes of the Steinsaltz Talmud into the French language. Earlier this year La Croix interviewed the rabbi. La Croix is daily French general-interest Roman Catholic newspaper which is published in Paris, France.

(Call Me Jorge...'s translation)
Why these tears?
JG: This wall is the only tangible reminder of the presence of Herod's Temple (destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD, Ed) . This is not strictly speaking a wall of the Temple, of which nothing remains today, but a retaining wall: it contained the Temple Mount and the Temple stood just above. This is actually an important place for Jews. It crystallized a form of nostalgia. 

 (The French original)
Pourquoi ces larmes ?
J. G. : Ce mur est le seul rappel tangible de la présence du Temple d’Hérode(détruit par les Romains en 70 après J.-C., NDLR). Ce n’est pas à proprement parler un mur du Temple, dont il ne reste rien aujourd’hui, mais un mur de soutènement : il contenait la montagne du Temple, et le Temple s’élevait juste au-dessus. C’est ce qui en fait un lieu si important pour les juifs. Il cristallise une forme de nostalgie.


source: Au pied du Mur de Jérusalem, « un face-à-face avec Dieu », La Croix, (22.01.16)

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Max Krah congratulates China on 72 years of being a “People’s Republic”

‘Don't fear China, we need to be friends!’

Krah, “…China is back. It is once more what it had always been, the great country in Asia, the greatest national economy, and the most people, and no one needs to be afraid of it. We’ve become friends over the years. We should become partners….”

Thursday, January 5, 2023

Benedict’s traditionalist funeral ‘no kneeling for the host’

 It’s next to impossible to be denied communion in the Novus Ordo mess but at the funeral of Benedict XVI a man wearing a hoodie, knelt, pulled his hood back, waited to receive on his tongue, was refused communion, and tried chomping at the host still in the presbyter's hand. A scene from a bizarro world!

Of course Francis had his funeral face on today.

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

The purpose of Benedict XVI’s Summorum Pontificum was “to draw [people] away from Lefebvre.”

excerpt from Die Tagespost editor-in-chief interview of Georg Gänswein

Guido Horst: So, Pope Benedict’s lifting of restrictions on celebrating the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite according to the 1962 Missal did not last as long as he intended. As Pope Emeritus, he was around to see the promulgation of Pope Francis’ motu proprio - Traditionis Custodes. Was he disappointed?

Georg Gänswein: It hit him pretty hard. I believe it broke Pope Benedict’s heart to read the new motu proprio, because his intention had been to help those who simply found a home in the old Mass —to find inner peace, to find liturgical peace—in order to draw them away from Lefebvre. And if you think about how many centuries the old Mass was the source of spiritual life and nourishment for many people including many saints, it’s impossible to imagine that it no longer has anything to offer. And let’s not forget that many young people who were born long after Vatican II and really don't understand all the drama surrounding the Council—that these young people, knowing the new Mass, have nevertheless found a spiritual home, a spiritual treasure in the old Mass as well. To take this treasure away from people … well, I can’t say that I’m comfortable with that.

At the same time Benedict XVI was drawing Catholics away from late Abp. Marcel Lefebvre’s FSSPX (which saved the Traditional Latin Mass), he was rewriting one of the oldest prayers of the Church which was prayed during Holy Week with the logic that praying for the conversion of Jews was, “to truly wound the Jews”. Benedict XVI changed this prayer at the behest of the chief rabbis of Israel (1, 2, 3). How subversive to promote the ‘smells and bells’ of the Traditional Latin Mass while at the same time gutting it per the orders of the rabbis. Benedict XVI was nothing other than a snake.

Fr. Joseph Ratzinger at the Second Vatican Council in a coat and tie. Perceived as a modernist before & during Vatican II and in his later life as a conservative upholder of all things Catholic was truly one of this snake's greatest tricks for he remained unchanged, he was a modernist


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